GPS tracks

Our chartplotter records a GPS track, taking a ‘snapshot’ every minute. At the end of the day, we save the track to a daily log and when we can, post them here. You can open these files using free software from Google Earth.

You can also follow us ‘live’ through our daily position reports at Winlink. Just search on our Ham call sign: VA3MSB.

Instructions: WordPress doesn’t support .KML files, so I had to ZIP them. Right-click on the file and chose ‘Save Link As’ to save the file to a folder on your computer. Once there, you can unzip it and open the enclosed .KML files with Google Earth.

Our Log: 6168 nautical miles, as of May 12, 2008.

(as measured by our speed transducer, which measures speed through water and doesn’t compensate for tides or currents which may be at times with or against our passage over ground.)


(places we anchored or docked. Scroll down to the end to see the actual logs)

June 2007

  1. Strathspey spent the winter of 06/07 inside a shed at Iroquois Marina.
  2. 04/06/07: Our starting point at Trident Yacht Club.
  3. 16/06/07: First night of the journey, staying in Cape Vincent, NY.
  4. 17/06/07: First time at anchor, meeting up with Madcap.
  5. 18/06/07: Anchoring in Quebec for the first time.
  6. 19/06/07: Only two locks left – we anchored near Melocheville, PQ.
  7. 20/06/07: Old Port of Montreal (Port L’Escale).
  8. 21/06/07: Anchored near the town dock in Contrecoeur.
  9. 22-23/06/07: Stayed two nights waiting for good weather at the Batiscan Marina.
  10. 24/06/07: Docked at Portneuf – a refuge along the swift river.
  11. 25-27/06/07: Three days in Quebec City docked at this upscale Yacht Club.
  12. 28/06/07: A long and rough ride to Cap-a-l’aigle.
  13. 29-30/06/07: Two days in Tadoussac waiting for weather.

July 2007

  1. 1-2/07/07: Two days in Baie Eternite, up the Saguenay River.
  2. 3/07/07: Returned to Tadoussac to prepare for tomorrow’s journey to Rimouski.
  3. 4-6/07/07: Rested here in Rimouski after a long motor from the ‘sac. A fin whale surfaced near our bow.
  4. 7/07/07: A nice sail to this marina in Matane.
  5. 8/07/07: The first real Gaspe marina in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. This is a beautiful spot.
  6. 9/07/07: Mont Louis – a refuge from high winds and waves.
  7. 10-13/07/07: A four day stop-over to wait for weather (and a mechanical repair) in Riviere-au-Renard.
  8. 14-15/07/07: A nice friendly and remote fishing village in Escuminac, NB. Waited for weather to make the next leg.
  9. 16-17/07/07: Stayed at this marina in Bouctouche for a night. Great spot.
  10. 18/07/07: A quick visit to Summerside and the College of Piping.
  11. 19/07/07: Back across the Strait to Cape Tormentine – a ghost of a place. Sailed under the Confederation Bridge. Had a lobster boil on the beach.
  12. 20-21/07/07: Stopped in Pugwash to hide from two days of winds and rain.
  13. 22/07/07: Long run into Pictou – a tourist mecca.
  14. 23/07/07: Another long run to Port Hawkebury, in the Canso Strait.
  15. 24/07/07: Finally made it to the hot days of July, here in St. Peters.
  16. 25/07/07: The first of several Bras D’Or anchorages in Cape George Harbour.
  17. 26/07/07: A popular spot in the lakes – Little Harbour.
  18. 27/07/07: Maskel’s Harbour had oysters that you can pick up from the shallow shores.
  19. 28-30/07/07: Baddeck is famous for Alexander Graham Bell.
  20. 31/07/07: Our last quiet Bras D’Or anchorage in Clarke Cove.

August 2007

  1. 1/08/07: Back to St. Peters for some boat maintenance – getting ready for the Atlantic Ocean. (see waypoint for July 24)
  2. 2/08/07: Met up with Madcap and Atlantic Star, and sailed to Cap la Ronde, on Isle Madam
  3. 3-4/08/07: A nice quiet anchorage called Port Howe where we waited for weather for the next leg.
  4. 5-7/08/07: Liscombe Harbour, and the lodge, was worth the trip.
  5. 8-9/08/07: We had to hide from a gale in DaBaies Cove.
  6. 10/08/07: Gary and Pam Upham provided a convenient mooring near their home in Purcell’s Cove.
  7. 11-12/08/07: Right smack downtown Halifax at at Bishops Landing (near Pier 21).
  8. 13-14/08/07: We decided to splurge and stay two nights at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron. Classy joint.
  9. 15/08/07: Around the corner to Hubbard’s Cove to visit Tim and Angel.
  10. 16/08/07: Into Mahone Bay where we anchored near Chester to see the yacht races.
  11. 17-18/08/07: Two days anchored near the Lunenburg Yacht Club. Had to sit out the rain.
  12. 19-20/08/07: Two days in Lunenburg, where the Bluenose II is based.
  13. 21/08/07: Anchored behind Bushen Island in a beautiful bay in the LaHave area.
  14. 22-23/08/07: Tied up to the LaHave Bakery dock. Good food.
  15. 24-26/08/07: Found a nice beach near Port Mouton to spend a few days to wait for weather.
  16. 27/08/07: Made it to Shelburne, our jump-off point to Maine. Farewell Nova Scotia.
  17. 28/08/07: A side trip to Cape Negro Island to get a head start on the passage to Maine.
  18. 30-31/08/07: A couple of days in Northeast Harbor with a lot of expensive yachts.

September 2007

  1. 01/09/07: Continued our stay in Northeast Harbor. Cycled around the island.
  2. 02/09/07: Visited a small fishing village called Frenchboro on Long Island. You should read about this place.
  3. 03/09/07: Tried to get to Merchants Harbor, but the wind forced us into Mackerel Cove. A pleasant surprise.
  4. 04/09/07: Continuing west and south, we stopped at Pulpit Harbor – home of the Cabot and Maxwell families.
  5. 05/09/07: A short trip across Penobscot Bay to Camden to see the fleet of schooners and other fine yachts.
  6. 06/09/07: Still island hopping – this time we’re in a nice spot called Christmas Cove.
  7. 07-08/09/07: Got invited to a wedding party in Five Islands – a beautiful anchorage, so we stayed two days.
  8. 09/09/07: Couldn’t resist the military history on Jewel Island.
  9. 10-16/09/07: A week to clean up and fix some minor problems. Portland has everything a boater needs.
  10. 17/09/07: Making up some distance, we went to Rockport. There is a bait shack here that is the most painted subject in the US.
  11. 18-19/09/07: Boston. Been here many times, but only once by boat.
  12. 20/09/07: We stopped just inside the Cape Cod Canal at the Sandwich Marina, where we waited for the currents to be moving in our direction early the next morning.
  13. 21-22/09/07: We bought Strathspey in Newport in September, 1999. Nice to be here again (and anchored for free).
  14. 23/09/07: Our one and only stop in Connecticut – a place called Calves Island. It was sheltered and pretty.
  15. 24/09/07: Over to Long Island for the first of many stops in New York. Our first stop was Port Jefferson, a busy commercial harbour.
  16. 25/09/07: Closer to New York City, we stopped in Oyster Bay. You need an Amex Black card to get anyone’s attention here.
  17. 26/09/07: Stopped in Manhasset Bay and got access to a free mooring (free!!).
  18. 27-29/09/07: One of the big milestones: New York City. We stayed on a mooring at the 79th Street Boat Basin.
  19. 30/09/07: Our last day in September, we spent a night at Sandy Hook, New Jersey

October 2007

  1. 01/10/07: A wild ride in a south-east wind and high seas; we did 80 miles to Atlantic City.
  2. 02/10/07: Another day in south-east winds and ocean swells got us to Cape May, where we anchored near a US Coast Guard facility.
  3. 03/10/07: From Cape May, we entered the Delaware Bay, in no wind and flat water, and motored up to Reedy Island, where we anchored for the night.
  4. 04-06/10/07: Three nights of rest and cleanup work on Strathspey to get her looking respectable again. We anchored near the Georgetown Yacht Basin in the Sassafras River.
  5. 07/10/07: Anchored near the Russian R&R facility on the Corsica River. Played bagpipes for the other boats anchored with us. One of them had a Scottish flag on her halyard.
  6. 08/10/07: Anchored near Chestertown and toured the place on foot. Lots of history here.
  7. 09/10/07: Anchored near Cacaway Island, as a stopover.
  8. 10-12/10/07: Went to St. Michaels and anchored in Leeds Creek, near Fairview Point. Spent three days hiding from a storm.
  9. 13/10/07: Went around the corner and into San Domingo Creek – home of Dick Cheney. Not too far from St. Michaels.
  10. 14/10/07: Sailed over to Oxford (La Trappe Creek), which is up the Choptank River (read Michener’s Chesapeake).
  11. 15-16/10/07: Went to Solomon’s Island to haul out and replace the anode on our saildrive. Anchored for two nights in Spring Cove.
  12. 17-19/10/07: Finally got to Crisfield, made famous by W.W.Warner’s ‘Beautiful Swimmers’. Had a great time at the Waterman’s Festival.
  13. 20/10/07: One night in Onancock. I can hear a band tuning up in a nearby bar. Sounds like a place to see.
  14. 21/10/07: A wild sail across the Bay to Antipoison Creek, which got its name when Capt. John Smith was given an antidote to some poison he’d received. Hmmm.
  15. 22-24/10/07: We decided to spend some time in Yorktown (Sarah Creek), where we rented a car and toured some historical areas. Bad weather had rolled in, so the protection was welcome.
  16. 25/10/07: Finally ready to enter the ICW. We anchored in Norfolk in the Lafayette River. Check out the nearby Naval yards.
  17. 26/10/07: ICW Mile 50 – Coinjock Marina. First time at dock in over 25 days.
  18. 27/10/07: ICW Mile 100 – Newport News Point. Not much here, just a place to stop for the night.
  19. 28-29/10/07: ICW Mile 135 – Belhaven. A small southern town where we waited out the gale.
  20. 30/10/07: Spent a night in Cedar Creek – a beautiful anchorage.
  21. 31/10/07: Closed out the month in the middle of a US Marine Base – a crowded anchorage called Mile Hammock Bay.

November 2007

  1. 01-02/11/07: Holed up in Harbor Village Marina to wait out the storm. The US Coast Guard told everyone to get off the ICW.
  2. 03-07/11/07: Arrived at Bald Head Island, where we will decide between going to Charleston (overnight) or continuing down the ditch. This island is quite an interesting place to visit, and we have some boat repairs to make.
  3. 08-11/11/07: Following an overnight passage on November 8, we docked at the Charleston Harbor Marina, right next to the USS Yorktown – an aircraft carrier turned museum.
  4. 12/11/07: Dropped our anchor just off the ICW at Mile 499. We didn’t make our planned destination before nightfall.
  5. 13/11/07: We arrived at Beaufort, SC after a nice trip through the low country. We anchored near the marina.
  6. 14/11/07: A short day to Bull Creek, so as not to arrive in Savannah to early for our marina reservation.
  7. 15-16/11/07: Entered Georgia and stopped at the Isle of Hope Marina. A free courtesy car is available to let us explore Savannah.
  8. 17/11/07: Back in the ditch and anchored near Wahoo Island. Had a big party in our cockpit and invited all the boats in the anchorage.
  9. 18/11/07: Anchored in Frederica River and went ashore to see the ruins of a British Fort.
  10. 19-20/11/07: Stayed at Cumberland Island. This is one of the best stops on the ICW. Check the US Navy facility to the east. This is where they load and unload the missiles on the nuclear submarines.
  11. 21-23/11/07: Finally in Florida, at the Fernandina Harbor Marina.
  12. 24/11/07: Leaving the party behind, we made a long day and anchored just off the ICW at Pine Island. Wind and big tidal currents made our boat swing around and got the anchor rode all twisted up.
  13. 25-26/11/07: Two days anchored at St. Augustine. Repaired the windlass and did a little sight-seeing.
  14. 27/11/07: In a mood to get south, we started heading for Lake Worth. Matanzas Inlet was a nice place to stop.
  15. 28/11/07: We hit Daytona Beach. Was a place we could have stayed a little longer, but maybe on the way back up.
  16. 29/11/07: We could see the shuttle on its launch pad from our anchorage in Titusville. Great shrimp restaurant called Dixie Crossroads.
  17. 30/11/07: We ended our sixth month at a private dock called the Jones Fruit Company Dock.

December 2007

  1. 01/12/07: Within sight of our destination, we stopped in Peck Lake with a whole lot of other south-bound boats.
  2. 02-05/12/07: Waiting for Madcap and a weather window. Anchored in Lake Worth near North Palm Beach.
  3. 06/12/07: Our first stop in the Bahamas was Great Sale Cay. Didn’t do much – just went to sleep and got up early the next day to continue.
  4. 07-13/12/07: Our second stop, and the port of entry for us in the Bahamas was White Sound, Green Turtle Cay. We rented a golf cart and toured the island. We ended up spending a week here just to sit and enjoy the weather, catch up on reading, and so on.
  5. 14-18/12/07: We’re moving slowly through the Abacos while the high winds persist. Lovely weather just the same. We’re in a nice harbour called Hope Town, on Elbow Cay.
  6. 19/12/07: We moved down to Lynyard Cay to stage our passage across the Northeast Providence Channel to Eleuthera.
  7. 20-21/12/07: We had a fast and rocky trip across the channel and rounded into Royal Island where we spent two days to enjoy this quiet anchorage with a couple of other boats that made the journey with us.
  8. 22/12/07: Our plan is to make our way to the Exumas and slowly tour the islands on the way back, so we made a quick stopover at Levi Island. It was too windy to visit shore, so we stayed aboard.
  9. 23/07/12: There is a marina called Cape Eleuthera Marina which looks like an exclusive facility, but there was nobody here except us and a boat called Deva from Alaska.
  10. 24/12/07-05/01/08: After a nice sail across the Exuma Sound, we found Warderick Wells; home of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Lots of great snorkelling and hiking. We spent 13 days here tied to a mooring.

January 2008

  1. 06/01/08: A nice sail down the banks brought us to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, where we spent a night with fellow Trident boaters John and Rhoda on Wet ‘n Wild.
  2. 07-08/01/08: Moving just around the corner from Staniel Cay, we anchored in a large anchorage behind Big Majors Spot.
  3. 09-11/01/08: The best village in the Exumas is here at Black Point. We spent three days here and met plenty of locals.
  4. 12/01/08: Our first real disappointment was a Cave Cay. Not a nice place to anchor because of the swell and the noise of generators from the island. The nearby anchorages belong to movie stars and the don’t like people anchoring in ‘their’ water.
  5. 13-14/01/08: We sailed out into the sound at Cave Cay Cut and re-entered the banks at Adderly Cay Cut to discover Lee Stocking Island and Leaf Cay. This was the best yet because we had the whole place to ourselves. Lots of snorkeling and hiking opportunities.
  6. 15-31/01/08: Cruising Mecca or sailboat ghetto? Your choice. This is George Town. A lot of people make this their winter destination. Others use it as a place to provision for travels further south. Still others just get stuck here. We are here for two weeks while Mary flies home and I work on some boat repairs and cleanup. I guess that means I’m stuck here.

February 2008

  1. 01/02/08: A final night in the George Town area anchored at Monument Beach (the cruisers call it Hamburger Beach). Will be glad to see the last of this place.
  2. 02-05/02/08: We sailed over to Long Island and anchored at Thompson Bay. This is a nice place – one of our favourites so far. Also puts us below the Tropic of Cancer.
  3. 06-07/02/08: We staged an attempt to sail to Conception Island from Calabash Bay. It turned out to be too windy, so we stayed here for an extra night. Nice beach.
  4. 08-14/02/08: Back to Thompson Bay for a week of sitting around. If you’re going to sit at anchor, this is the place.
  5. 15/02/08: A one-night stop-over in George Town, back at Monument Beach. Quite crowded now with over 200 boats packed in here.
  6. 16-17/02/08: A couple more nights at Lee Stocking – one of our favourites. We are heading back north to meet Scott and Marion at Staniel Cay.
  7. 18-19/02/08: A two-day stop-over at Black Point to do laundry and play guitar at the church.
  8. 20/02/08: A quick trip to Bay Rush Bay where we saw the iguanas on the beach. We were going to stay longer, but the wind picked up.
  9. 21/02/08: Another stop at Black Point. Just hanging out.
  10. 22-28/02/08: We anchored in the Staniel Cay area while Scott and Marion came to party.
  11. 29/02/08: Back to Black Point to do a laundry.

March 2008

  1. 01-03/03/08: Continued our stay at Black Point for another three days. Can’t stray too far as our children are arriving soon.
  2. 04-06/03/08: We took a side trip to Little Farmer’s Cay where we went fishing and met some nice local folk.
  3. 07-09/03/08: Back to Big Majors Spot for three days. We sat out yet another front.
  4. 10/03/08: Back to (you guessed it) Black Point to get another laundry done. We are now using ice as our fridge is broken.
  5. 11/03/08: A stop-over at Bitter Guana Cay to join up with Madcap for the last time.
  6. 12-13/03/08: We discovered a quiet anchorage near Staniel Cay called Fowl Cay. Very protected.
  7. 14-20/03/08: We took up residence at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Us and a group of mega-yachts. Sandy and Brooklyn are staying with us.
  8. 21/03/08: A fast run up to Shroud Cay as we begin our trip home. More mega-yachts, which indicates the approach of the spring season.
  9. 22-26/03/08: Andros Island is a unique experience in the Bahamas. We stayed at the Lighthouse Yacht Club and Marina for a few days while we saw the sights (and waited out a cold front).
  10. 27/03/08: The first leg of the crossing back to Florida, where we staged at Chub Key.
  11. 28/03/08: A long sail to South Bimini and another day of good winds.
  12. 29/03/08: Sailed across the Gulf Stream, doing 10.3 knots, and landed back at North Palm Beach, in Lake Worth.
  13. 30/03/08: Got up early and motor-sailed to Peck Lake, a familiar spot.
  14. 31/03/08: Our last night in March was in a new spot for us called Banana River.

April 2008

  1. 01/04/08: Making good way up the ditch using the long days and following winds. Stayed at a familiar spot in Daytona Beach.
  2. 02/04/08: Another good day and we made it to St. Augustine. Met up with some sailing buddies here.
  3. 03-06/04/08: A return trip to Fernandina Harbor Marina and to visit with friends Steve and Sandi.
  4. 07/04/08: We let the storms blow over and set out for a long distance run. We ended up in a familiar anchorage in Frederica River.
  5. 08/04/08: Another long day found us in a new anchorage called Buckhead Creek. A nice quiet spot with a couple of other Canadian boats on the hook.
  6. 09/04/08: A day interrupted by a broken draw bridge (5 hour wait), we ended up in the New River with the same boats as last night.
  7. 10/04/08: A long squawk got us to the Alligator Creek just near the spot where we went aground on the way down.
  8. 11-12/04/08: Back at one of our favourite spots in the Charleston Harbor Marina. Going to a pub to catch a band.
  9. 13/04/08: A long day up the ICW to a pretty anchorage in Thoroughfare Creek. It started to get real cold.
  10. 14-16/04/08: Waited out the cold front at a great marina called South Harbour Village Marina.
  11. 17/04/08: Back on the road and after a long day, we stopped at Mile Hammock Bay, where we had stopped on the way down.
  12. 18/04/08: Another long day ended up at a new anchorage in Broad Creek. It was shallow, but well protected.
  13. 19/04/08: Still doing 70 mile days, we anchored in the Alligator River in strong south winds.
  14. 20/04/08: Couldn’t pass by Coinjock Marina, where the best prime rib on the ICW is served.
  15. 21-23/04/08: Finally out of the ditch and never to return, we stopped at Ocean Marine Yacht Center for a couple of days of rest.
  16. 24/04/08: Making our way up the Chesapeake, we stopped at Grog Island, which isn’t much of an island at all.
  17. 25/04/08: Back in the Solomons, we stayed at Spring Cove Marina.
  18. 26-28/04/08: Three days in Annapolis (Spa Creek) to see the sights.
  19. 29/04/08: Hustling northward, we stopped at Reedy Island after a long, cold day.
  20. 30/04/08: We finished April at Cape May, New Jersey.

May 2008

  1. 01/05/08: Back in Atlantic City – a place nobody would want to visit by boat.
  2. 02/05/08: Sandy Hook, after a very long and cold ride in a heavy sea.
  3. 03-04/05/08: At last, we’re out of the Atlantic and back in Manhattan at the 79th Street Boat Basin.
  4. 05/05/08: A nice ride up the beautiful Hudson River and we stopped at Shoreline Docking in Marloboro, NY.
  5. 06-07/05/08: Continuing up the beautiful Hudson, we stopped in Catskill at Riverview Marine Services to have our mast unstepped.
  6. 08/05/08: Motoring with the mast tied to the deck, we are a 54′ power boat. We tied to a free dock at Waterford, where the Erie Canal starts.
  7. 09/05/08: After doing 11 locks in the Erie Canal, we rafted to a barge in Fonda, NY.
  8. 10/05/08: Six locks and lots of things to see, we did an early day and stopped at the Ilion Marina.
  9. 11/05/08: Another bunch of locks brought us to Ilion, where the Remington Arms factory is situated.
  10. 12-13/05/08: Out of the canal system and back on Lake Ontario, where we got our mast stepped at Oswego Marine.
  11. 14/05/08: Making our way across Lake Ontario via Kingston, we docked at our slip at Trident Yacht Club. Happy to be home again.

Tracks (our paths in the water)

  1. 04/07/07: Tadoussac to Rimouski
  2. 07/07/07: Rimouski to Matane (partial)
  3. 13-14/07/07: An overnight voyage from Riviere-au-Renard to Escuminac. We motored most of the way into head winds. The track looks straight because we used the autopilot most of the way, but every now and then we’d try to sail, resulting in the occasional zig-zag lines on the track.
  4. 19/07/07: Sailed under the Confederation Bridge.
  5. 24/07/07: Motor-sailed from Port Hawkesbury to St. Peter’s. Two bridges and a lock. Beautiful
  6. 1/08/07: A couple of tracks from the Bras D’Or lakes. Baddeck to Clarke Cove and Clarke Cove to St. Peters.
  7. 3/08/07: A tough slog in heavy seas and strong winds on the nose from Cap la Ronde to Port Howe.
  8. 7/08/07: Left Liscombe Harbour in dense fog and moderate winds, but we reached DaBaise Cove in time to miss a gale.
  9. 9/08/07: Calm seas and light winds – we motored to Purcell’s Cove, then to downtown Halifax.
  10. 16/08/07: A short trip into Mahone Bay where we anchored to watch the Chester Race Week.
  11. 19/08/07: Our voyage to Lunenburg was quiet, as they have been lately.
  12. 24/08/07: A rough, ugly ride in the cold rain from LaHave to Port Mouton. Got to a nice beach, though.
  13. 27/08/07: A nice easy day on a calm sea from Port Mouton to Shelburne.
  14. 28/08/07: We motored from Shelburne out to Cape Negro Island to stage the big crossing to Northeast Harbor.
  15. 29-30/08/07: The longest passage so far. The big Fundy tides are a challenge, as are the lobster pots in Maine. We were in dense fog most of the way and used our radar to see the other traffic.
  16. 01-15/09/07: A lot of short trips in Maine and I only captured a few of the tracks because we did a lot of sailing, and to save power, we shut off the computer. The two I saved are Christmas Cove to Five Islands, and Jewel Island to Portland.
  17. 17/09/07: A long passage from Portland to Rockport, on our way to Boston.
  18. 18-19/09/07: This shows our entry to Boston. It’s a busy harbour full of water taxis, tour boats, ferries and so on. We left Boston via a stop at a fuel dock near the USS Constitution.
  19. 20/09/07: We captured a track as we approached the Cape Cod Canal, where we tied to a dock in the Sandwich Marina.
  20. 21/09/07: A long and calm ride down Buzzard’s Bay into Newport, RI.
  21. 23/09/07: Another long track – from Newport, RI to Calves Island, Conn.
  22. 27/09/07: The last part of our track from Manhasset to Manhatten. Went through Hell Gate, and the east side of Roosevelt Island because the west side was closed for UN general assembly. Bush was in town – enough said. Notice how we circled in front of battery park so we could wave to Derek and Wendy Blue.
  23. 30/09/07: A track from Manhatten to Sandy Hook. Took us past the Statue of Liberty and under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
  24. 01/10/07: Two parts of our track from Sandy Hook to Atlantic City (part 1, part 2). We did a lot of tacking, initially, but settled down once we had the right wind angle.
  25. 03/10/07: I kept the track from Cape May to Reedy Island to show how far north we had to go to get south, if that makes sense. We were headed to the C&D Canal, which links the Delaware and Chesapeake bays.
  26. 04/10/07: Through the C&D and into the Chesapeake, where we went up the Sassafras to Georgetown.
  27. Not too many tracks in the Chesapeake, because we don’t sail with the computer running. But, here are two that we managed to capture. Cacaway Island to St. Michaels and Crisfield to Onancock.
  28. 26/10/07-07/11/07: The first leg of our trip down the ICW (aka the ‘ditch’) is broken into segments from Mile 0 to Mile 315, as follows: Mile 0-50, Mile 50-100, Mile 100-135, Mile 135-187.5, Mile 187.5-244.5, Mile 244.5-266, Mile 266-315.
  29. 08-09/11/07: We took an overnight passage ‘outside’ from Cape Fear, NC to Charleston, SC. This was a run of about 105 nautical miles in a following (cold) north wind. This let us skip the ICW segment from Mile 315 to Mile 469 (154 statute miles, which is about 134 nautical miles).
  30. 12-15/11/07: Back in the ditch for the following segments: Mile 469-499, Mile 499-535, Mile 535-565, Mile 565-590, Mile 590-630, Mile 630-665, Mile 665-710, Mile 710-716, Mile 716-765, Mile 765-777, Mile 777-792, Mile 792-831, Mile 831-878, Mile 878-946, Mile 946-992, Mile 992-1018.
  31. 05-06/12/07: Our overnight passage from West Palm Beach to Memory Rock. We continued to Great Sale Cay, but shut off the computer to save energy. Probably won’t capture any more tracks while in the Bahamas.
  32. 05/05/08: OK, we’re back in the US. The tracks from Florida to NYC are the same as the ones going down, so the new path starts in the Hudson River going north. This is a segment from Sing Sing prison to Marlboro, where we stopped at Shoreline Docking.
  33. 06/05/08: Continuing up the Hudson, we went from Marlboro to Catskill, where we unstepped the mast at Riverview Marine Services.
  34. 08/05/08: Without a mast, we motored from Catskill to Waterford, where the Erie Canal begins.
  35. 09/05/08: Started our trip on the Erie Canal doing 11 locks as the only boat in the system. We went from Waterford to Fonda, where we rafted to a barge.
  36. 10/05/08: Another scenic day from Fonda to Ilion, where we stopped at the Ilion Marina, near the Remington Arms factory.
  37. 11/05/08: From Ilion to Lock 23 on the Erie Canal. It’s a pretty run and the locks are all well maintained.
  38. 12/05/08: Back in Lake Ontario, after motoring from Lock 23 to Oswego.

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  1. I have noticed this site changing. Are you deleting your beautifully composed information? I have read the site over the last few years with great interest and would be sorry to see the story of your trip South to be lost and the information for other T3500 owners to disappear.

    I have a reference to your site on my website ( I am trying to collect useful information together and make it accessible for all 3500 owners

    T3500 ‘Catcher’ #131

    • Thanks for the comment. Also glad to see you’re a 3500 owner. I changed to a new version of WordPress and moved all trhe previous postings into the archives, which you can browse. I also updated the specs for Strathspey with all the changes I’ve made over the past 4 years.

  2. hey do we leave comments on your entries? the comments appear to be closed..remember the rest of us have to live vicariously through your adventures over the next year (yes ..with great power (or time off) comes great responsibility – spiderman)

    • Yo, it’s rocket surgery here. Just working out the bells and whistles on this new version of WordPress and I think I got the comments working now. Thanks for pointing out this problem. Say hi to the landlubbers at Shared Services.

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