Ottawa to Cuba 2012/13

Strathspey anchored at Lee Stocking Island in the Exumas
Strathspey at Lee Stocking Island in the Exumas

We left Ottawa in August 2012 and moved aboard Strathspey who was resting at her home base on the Bateau Channel near Gananoque, Ontario. After a few weeks of enjoying late summer in the Thousand Islands and Lake Ontario we laid Strathspey’s mast on her deck and began the trek south via the Oswego Canal in upstate New York. Once the mast was vertical again in the Hudson River our second cruise south was officially underway. By early December we’d crossed to the Bahamas and enjoyed sun, sand and wonderful fishing until late February when we up-anchored one calm evening in the Jumentos and sailed across the Old Bahamas channel to Cuba. The trip is summarized in the following statistics from August 2012 through April 2013:

  • Total distance: 3560 nautical miles (6,593 Km)
  • Total Days: 231
  • Longest passage: 293 Nm (542 Km)
  • Nights anchored: 111 (48%)
  • Nights moored: 24 (10%)
  • Nights Docked: 96 (42%) – 57 on our way down the ICW and 39 in Cuba
  • Total engine hours: 700
  • Nautical miles per engine hour: 5 (same as last trip)
  • Warmest sea water temperature: 38C, Coldest: 16.0
  • New items for this trip: cockpit enclosure, solar panels, AIS transponder, EPIRB
  • Things that broke and had to be replaced: Charger/inverter (again), VHF radio antenna, windlass (rebuilt), electric transom door motor (rebuilt), sail-drive oil seals (twice)
  • One thought on “Ottawa to Cuba 2012/13

    1. Hi Mary and Blair, I love this blog of your trip to and around Cuba. Your writing is engaging and informative and your photos are excellent.
      We hope to do the same kind of trip soon, when I can retire (2017). ‘We’ are Philip and Laura Roberts and we sail ‘Catcher’, a Tartan 3500, #131 in the San Francisco Bay. I maintain the site. I have sailed for 20 years and Laura for 5. Your blog tells us both more about how it will be to sail together for long cruises. Our first will be Hawaii.

      I really just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for maintaining your site and writing such a good blog,


      Philip & Laura

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