New homes, new beginnings

Strathspey has a new home. Yes it’s true. Many reasons. Yes, we’re sure it’s time. There now …. all the questions have been answered. Ah yes, if it were only that easy…..

First, the details. A very nice man called Scott is the proud new owner of our wonderful boat. He’s not new to boating, and he’s not new to sailing, but he is new to cruising on this sort of sailboat. Having spent some time with him I suspect he’s going to keep Strathspey in the same pristine condition as we have over these many years. He didn’t just buy a Tartan 3500. He read our blogs, admired the boat inside and out, loves it dearly already and he’s decided to keep the name Strathspey. What more can I say.

Confederation Bridge - View from the middle archway

Sailing Strathspey has brought so much into our lives. As well as learning how to sail a 35 foot sailboat and all that entails, we gained immeasurable confidence in our own strengths and abilities. I never imagined we’d travel over 21,000 nautical miles down the mighty St Laurence River, through oceans calm and stormy and around the deserted south coast of Cuba. What an adventure we have had!

With best buddy boat Madcap, feeling dwarfed
Baie Eternité – Sauguenay

When you have a sailboat such as Strathspey every minute of your spare time is spent cruising. If you’re not cruising, you’re working on the various bits of the boat to maintain that Bristol standard. Or shopping for replacement parts. Or planning the next leg of the journey. It’s exciting and challenging and makes you feel like your life is fueled with high octane. On the rare occasions that we didn’t take advantage of our down time to be aboard, we felt conflicted. At the same time, we were really aware that there was a myriad of other adventures that were on our ‘must do’ list. We want to hike through Europe, take a train across the Siberian steppes, go to the Arctic, explore Canada and more …. basically, all those other travel options that take us inland, away from the coast, away from water.



When we first started voicing aloud the idea of perhaps finding a new home for Strathspey, we both were stuck on the question, ‘What WOULD we do if we weren’t sailing’. It’s been a huge part of our lives for almost 20 years; a huge part of our identity. Probably 75% of the people we have met over the last 20 years know us as sailors first. How to shake the feeling that if we weren’t sailing, a part of our self-confidence, our self-identification, our very core, would be lost. Yoikes!

Our apc sail on the south coast of Cuba

APC – Cuba

Gradually though, the question of what WOULD we do if we weren’t sailing morphed into what COULD we do if we weren’t sailing. We’ve got ourselves a very sleek Airstream now and, in the interest of continuing to name those inanimate objects that have become dear to our hearts, Blair wants to name it Daphne Blue (1950’s music aficionados may get this…). We’ve got plans to drag Daphne Blue out to Newfoundland, up to Alaska and, if we get really bold, maybe down to Mexico. It’s a big continent, no?

What’s life, except new challenges that grow our intellect and feed our souls. We’re just gonna stick our toes in the water (well, onto land…) and see what’s next. And raise a glass to Strathspey in gratitude for carrying us home safely all these years and to wish her the best in her new home.